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"Graces & Vines" video entry BEYOND MEDIA 2009 c/o Image, Firenze, ITALY.
Diprose, Peter and Hotten, Robert, 2009.

Theme of the video is polemic attacking the blandness of universal commodification
of architecture within suburbia. It then shifts to a fanciful classical narrative
calling on the !gods" to redress the proliferation of banal mediocrity of the type of
construction initially illustrated: which is separate to real communities, divinity
and nature… The Three Graces travel to New Zealand on this mission. However, as
is typical of this genre, gods always set twisted conditions - one double crossing the
This narrative facilitates the presentation of a current real project for a winery and
cafe by pda architects, as the Three Graces frolic through the grapevines on the
secret quest set by Dionysus the god of fertility, wine, and growth.
The working drawings of this project for Turanga Creek Winery are nearly
completed with construction scheduled at the end of 2009